Commercial Aviation—An Insider’s Story

Commercial Aviation—An Insider’s Story

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Why do we have airlines? How were they created? Was TWA Flight 800 an accident? How safe are airplanes, and why are they safe? What jobs are there in commercial aviation? This book provides answers to these questions and many more. Understanding how and why an airline is started, structured, and regulated provides the flying public with the answers to why you are safe when you fly. For those interested in becoming an airline employee, jobs are listed that can be pursued. Job descriptions are included not only for those interested in working in aviation but those employees working in the industry desiring to be promoted. The book offers insight as to why the government regulates and controls airlines with references to the legislations that prompted these controls and regulations.Federal Aeronautical Administration (FAA) also referred to as Federal Aviation Agency isthegovernment agency that ... FAR Title14, Part 145, subpart D, section 145151 Federal regulation defines repair station requirements to work onanbsp;...

Title:Commercial Aviation—An Insider’s Story
Author:LeRoy Paine
Publisher:LifeRich Publishing - 2013-11-11


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