Commonsense Guide to Current Affairs

Commonsense Guide to Current Affairs

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From clones, family, abortion, terrorism, and the concept of the collective to economics, nuclear power, cap and trade, renewable energy, and the politics of climate change, Everest and Bedogne do something much needed and remarkably absent in today's media. They strip away the layers of liberal and conservative ideology to look at the most talked about topics of our time from the standpoint of what the politicians have forgotten--common sense. Brought to light by logic, history, and science, the book filters the issues that in today's world every citizen, student, and educator needs to understand through what we know to be sound--that which we have gained through our day-to-day trials--our all-too-often repressed ability to see things in a practical and matter-of-fact way.Whereas a hybrid vehicle might be a good choice if one lives in dallas where service facilities are around the corner, it might ... a small hybrid car at best will give a few more miles-per-gallon than a small conventional car, which even if gas prices ... the owner may never recover the cost. ita#39;s also important to compare like vehiclesa€”a toyota Prius with a Honda Civic for ... replacement batteries with the promise that theya#39;ll increase a hybrid cara#39;s mileage, in some instances to as much asanbsp;...

Title:Commonsense Guide to Current Affairs
Author:Vincent Frank Bedogne, Marcy Jean Everest
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2009-08-01


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