Communication in Everyday Life: A Survey of Communication

Communication in Everyday Life: A Survey of Communication

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Communication in Everyday Life, Second Edition remains the only introductory communication book to explore fundamental concepts, theories, and skills aimed at helping readers apply the material to their personal and professional lives a€“ with a thematic integration of the relational perspective and a focus on demonstrating its direct relevance to their own everyday communication. Steve Duck and David T. McMahan help readers develop a strong foundation in communication concepts, theory, and research, as well as practical communication skills such as listening, critical thinking, using technology to communicate, understanding nonverbal communication, creating persuasive strategies, and managing group conflict. The Second Edition also introduces readers to important emerging areas in communication studies, offering unique chapters on health communication and family communication. Ideal for the 21st-century, this book provides up-to-date insight into the communication topics central to everyday life.Just because the dealership sold a faulty car once does not mean it will sell another defective car. ... Red herring describes the use of another issue to divert atten- tion away from the real issue. ... When talking about the cost of higher education, you might hear a€œI find it difficult to fathom that you insist on ... Likewise, an auto mechanic may explain, a€œYou can either replace the serpentine belt in your car now or face being stranded should it end up breaking at one of these cracks.

Title:Communication in Everyday Life: A Survey of Communication
Author:Steve Duck, David T. McMahan
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2013-12-23


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