Communication Systems and Techniques

Communication Systems and Techniques

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An introductory, graduate-level look at modern communications in general and radio communications in particular. This seminal presentation of the applications of communication theory to signal and receiver design brings you valuable insights into the fundamental concepts underlying today's communications systems, especially wireless communications. Coverage includes: AM, FM Phase Modulation, PCM, fading, and diversity receivers. This is a classic reissue of a book published by McGraw Hill in 1966.the FM transmitter and the complete output pulse train is transmitted, we have a PFM transmission system. ... PFM shares with naturally sampled PPM the disadvantage of a detected signal contaminated by p a€” nq modulation products. 6-3. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) A method of transmitting an approximate but adequate representation of a continuous signal wave by sending a succession of discreteanbsp;...

Title:Communication Systems and Techniques
Author:Mischa Schwartz, William R. Bennett, Seymour Stein
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 1995-11-22


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