Compact Camera Fundamentals: An Introduction To Photography

Compact Camera Fundamentals: An Introduction To Photography

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Compact Camera Fundamentals: An Introduction To Photography is an eBook written specifically for the Point-And-Shoot (PAS) photographer. The book uses a multi-touch interactive approach - including videos, diagrams, graphs, charts, photographs, reference materials, and glossary - to explain and teach a variety of concepts such as: - Understanding the benefits and shortcomings of a PAS camera - Getting to know all the features, buttons, and interfaces of your compact camera - Preparing your camera to shoot the best possible photos and videos using the proper file formats (JPEG+RAW), adjusting metering methods, and choosing appropriate aspect ratios - Exploring Standard, Scene, and Creative modes for shooting in common and more challenging environments - Learning, in depth, how to shoot using manual controls by understanding aperture, shutter speed, and ISO - What additional equipment to purchase - Composition tips and a variety of photographic techniques - How to store, organize, and enhance all your photos - The best way to share your masterpieces with friends and family using a variety of mobile and desktop applications/services If you're a new or established photographer, someone interested in photography, or just someone interested in taking better pictures, this book will help you learn the basics needed to take beautiful photographs.Shutterassist mode, or Time Value for Canon cameras, is another Manualmode. This mode allows the photographer to control shutter speed, while the camera will attempt tosetthe appropriate aperture for the best exposure. Pretty simple.

Title:Compact Camera Fundamentals: An Introduction To Photography
Author:Brent G. Betz
Publisher:Liberated Media LLC - 2013-03-25


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