Complete Songwriting Manual

Complete Songwriting Manual

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This e-book provides you with a proven method for writing songs. We dona€™t believe in relying on talent or inspiration. We believe songwriting is a craft that can be mastered with a bit of work. It is not so hard to write an inspired song. Anyone can do it. Even though the course is not very hard to follow, our whole method is based on centuries of teaching musical theory. Mozart and Paul McCartney learned the rules of songwriting and so can you! Over the years our method has proven to work every time. Our section on melody is what sets our course apart. We will give you no vague language or talk about inspiration or staring at the moon. Writing a great melody is nothing hard. There are just some rules you must follow. These rules have been well known to classical composers for centuries, but for some reason, modern songwriters seem to have forgotten them. This course uses these simple rules to teach you how to write a great, catchy melody.They say they are too easy to play, or the singer does not know how to sing. Well, let me ... Do you just grab your guitar or sit in front of your piano and wait for inspiration to strike? Even if you ... People will explain you the chords you can use.

Title:Complete Songwriting Manual
Author:Paul den Arend
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-04-01


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