Compressed Sensing & Sparse Filtering

Compressed Sensing & Sparse Filtering

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This book is aimed at presenting concepts, methods and algorithms ableto cope with undersampled and limited data. One such trend that recently gained popularity and to some extent revolutionised signal processing is compressed sensing. Compressed sensing builds upon the observation that many signals in nature are nearly sparse (or compressible, as they are normally referred to) in some domain, and consequently they can be reconstructed to within high accuracy from far fewer observations than traditionally held to be necessary. Apart from compressed sensing this book contains other related approaches. Each methodology has its own formalities for dealing with such problems. As an example, in the Bayesian approach, sparseness promoting priors such as Laplace and Cauchy are normally used for penalising improbable model variables, thus promoting low complexity solutions. Compressed sensing techniques and homotopy-type solutions, such as the LASSO, utilise l1-norm penalties for obtaining sparse solutions using fewer observations than conventionally needed. The book emphasizes on the role of sparsity as a machinery for promoting low complexity representations and likewise its connections to variable selection and dimensionality reduction in various engineering problems. This book is intended for researchers, academics and practitioners with interest in various aspects and applications of sparse signal processing.... compression [14], coding and machine learning including face recognition, detection and tracking of objects in video [30, 33, 43], ... Compressed Sensing Repository There are several web sites that provide both code and key papers in the areas of CS. ... It can be downloaded from: matlabcentral/fileexchange/16204 a€c SPARSELAB: SparseLab is a Matlab software packageanbsp;...

Title:Compressed Sensing & Sparse Filtering
Author:Avishy Y. Carmi, Lyudmila S. Mihaylova, Simon J. Godsill
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-09-13


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