Computer-Aided Control Systems Design

Computer-Aided Control Systems Design

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Computer-Aided Control Systems Design: Practical Applications Using MATLABAr and SimulinkAr supplies a solid foundation in applied control to help you bridge the gap between control theory and its real-world applications. Working from basic principles, the book delves into control systems design through the practical examples of the ALSTOM gasifier system in power stations and underwater robotic vehicles in the marine industry. It also shows how powerful software such as MATLABAr and SimulinkAr can aid in control systems design. Make Control Engineering Come Alive with Computer-Aided Software Emphasizing key aspects of the design process, the book covers the dynamic modeling, control structure design, controller design, implementation, and testing of control systems. It begins with the essential ideas of applied control engineering and a hands-on introduction to MATLAB and Simulink. It then discusses the analysis, model order reduction, and controller design for a power plant and the modeling, simulation, and control of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for pipeline tracking. The author explains how to obtain the ROV model and verify it by using computational fluid dynamic software before designing and implementing the control system. In addition, the book details the nonlinear subsystem modeling and linearization of the ROV at vertical plane equilibrium points. Throughout, the author delineates areas for further study. Appendices provide additional information on various simulation models and their results. Learn How to Perform Simulations on Real Industry Systems A step-by-step guide to computer-aided applied control design, this book supplies the knowledge to help you deal with control problems in industry. It is a valuable reference for anyone who wants a better understanding of the theory and practice of basic control systems design, analysis, and implementation.2.3.2 SimULink Open-LOOp tranSFer FUnCtiOn mOdeLinG Another method to solve the differential equation is to use Simulinka#39;s transfer function block diagram. Simulink is a graphical extension to MATLAB for modeling and simulation ofanbsp;...

Title:Computer-Aided Control Systems Design
Author:Cheng Siong Chin
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-12-12


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