Computer Science Made Simple

Computer Science Made Simple

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Be smarter than your computer If you don't understand computers, you can quickly be left behind in today's fast-paced, machine-dependent society. Computer Science Made Simple offers a straightforward resource for technology novices and advanced techies alike. It clarifies all you need to know, from the basic components of todaya€™s computers to using advanced applications. The perfect primer, it explains how it all comes together to make computers work. Topics covered include: * hardware * software * programming * networks * the internet * computer graphics * advanced computer concepts * computers in society Look for these Made Simple titles: Accounting Made Simple Arithmetic Made Simple Astronomy Made Simple Biology Made Simple Bookkeeping Made Simple Business Letters Made Simple Chemistry Made Simple Earth Science Made Simple English Made Simple French Made Simple German Made Simple InglAcs Hecho FAicil Investing Made Simple Italian Made Simple Keyboarding Made Simple Latin Made Simple Learning English Made Simple Mathematics Made Simple The Perfect Business Plan Made Simple Philosophy Made Simple Physics Made Simple Psychology Made Simple Sign Language Made Simple Spanish Made Simple Spelling Made Simple Statistics Made Simple Your Small Business Made Simple how hardware and software work-- and how to make them work for you! ... Because a single hard drive unit may contain multiple disks, the storage capacity is much greater. ... One problem larger drives have exacerbated is fragmentation, which is the state where files have been split up into small pieces across theanbsp;...

Title:Computer Science Made Simple
Author:V. Anton Spraul
Publisher:Broadway Books - 2010-02-17


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