Computer Structure and Logic

Computer Structure and Logic

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Computer Structure and Logic Pearson Certification Team The place to start your computer career! Learn about computers and networks from the ground up! Learn about computers and networks from the ground up! Your first step toward certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, or Ciscoa€b absolutely no experience necessary! Explains every part of your computer and shows how each part works together Teaches simple troubleshooting and repair techniques Packed with real-world examples and case studies Master the basics and build your strong foundation for success! I/O: How information gets into and out of computers Motherboards and buses: How your computera€™s parts are connected CPU: How your computera€™s a€œbraina€ worksa€”and how to install and troubleshoot it Memory and storage: The types you need and how to install them Bootup: How your computer starts, what can go wrong, and how to fix it Operating systems: The basics of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Basic security: Protecting your data, connections, and computer Troubleshooting: The tools and methods every good PC technician must know Networks and the Internet: How they work, how they communicate, and how to connect to them Test your knowledge, gain confidence, and succeed! More than 150 questions, with clear explanations of every answer!This interchangeability is the key to future upgrades and repairs because it ensures that a plethora of replacement parts ... In particular, the HP Pavilion and Dell Dimension lines are composed largely of mainstream systems made with mostlyanbsp;...

Title:Computer Structure and Logic
Author:David L. Prowse, Mark Edward Soper, Scott Mueller
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2011-01-25


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