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Raised in the Bronx, Eddie Ferrara has his first encounter with organized crime as a teenager and it eventually leads to the death of one of his closest friends. The events that follow rapidly lead him into 'the life'. Eddie's story spans twenty years and takes us from a mob 'social club' to a Silicon Valley startup, from the Brooklyn waterfront piers to a bordello in the Bronx, and from Lincoln Center to the neighborhood coffee shops and restaurants of New York City.Lately he has entertained notions of marriage and leaving 'the life', only to realize that he is a victim of his own success. Eddie uses guile and intelligence to outclass his rivals, but will he risk everything in an attempt to get out alive, or is he destined to remain...connected.The engine had been running, and DMV wrenched the big Tahoe out into the stream of traffic, cutting off the driver ... As Vincent pulled up behind the Tahoe, he saw the driver inspecting its front bumper, clearly embarrassed and annoyed.

Author:Nick Apuzzo - 2010-08-09


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