Content Analysis of Verbal Behavior

Content Analysis of Verbal Behavior

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Focusing on language and the assessment of its meaning, this volume concentrates on a method of content analysis developed by the author and Goldine Gleser. Applicable to transcripts of speech or verbal texts, this method uses the grammatical clause as its smallest unit of communication, considers whether or not a verb is transitive and involves an object, or is intransitive and describes a state of being. It derives scores on many scales that have been tested for reliability of scoring and for construct validity with concurrently administered measures, such as rating and self-report scales as well as biochemical and pharmacological criteria. Finally, this volume provides detailed descriptions of the clinical and basic research establishing the validity of these scales, so that a reader can locate studies that have pertinence to any special interest area. A major achievement described in this book is the development of computer software that understands grammar and syntax, can parse natural language, knows most of the words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, has been taught to identify idioms and slang, and is capable of continuing to learn. The program can score all the scales, report whether the scores obtained from a verbal sample are one to three standard deviations from the norms, and suggest APA DSM-IIIR diagnostic classifications the clinician might consider in assessing the patient.Manual of instructions for using the Gottschalk- Gleser Content Analysis Scales: Anxiety, Hostility, Social Alienation-Personal Disorganization. Los Angeles: ... Haier, R. J., Buchsbaum, M.S., Murphy, D. L., Gottesman, I., aamp; Coursey, R. D. ( 1980).

Title:Content Analysis of Verbal Behavior
Author:Louis A. Gottschalk
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-02-24


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