Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLAB, Second Edition

Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLAB, Second Edition

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Designed for a one-semester undergraduate course in continuous linear systems, Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLABAr, Second Edition presents the tools required to design, analyze, and simulate dynamic systems. It thoroughly describes the process of the linearization of nonlinear systems, using MATLABAr to solve most examples and problems. With updates and revisions throughout, this edition focuses more on state-space methods, block diagrams, and complete analog filter design. New to the Second Edition a€c A chapter on block diagrams that covers various classical and state-space configurations a€c A completely revised chapter that uses MATLAB to illustrate how to design, simulate, and implement analog filters a€c Numerous new examples from a variety of engineering disciplines, with an emphasis on electrical and electromechanical engineering problems Explaining the subject matter through easy-to-follow mathematical development as well as abundant examples and problems, the text covers signals, types of systems, convolution, differential equations, Fourier series and transform, the Laplace transform, state-space representations, block diagrams, system linearization, and analog filter design. Requiring no prior fluency with MATLAB, it enables students to master both the concepts of continuous linear systems and the use of MATLAB to solve problems.Sampling signal, 18 Satellite motion, 462 Series block diagrams, 63, 207, 351, 354a€“355, 364a€“365 Shifting operation, 7a€“8 Shock signal, ... 17 Sin and cos functions, 134a€“138, 144 Sinc signal, 18 Sink, equilibrium point as, 457 Sinusoidal signals general form, 4a€“5 MATLAB ... 127 Subtraction of matrices, 255 Subtractor block diagram, 82a€“83, 353 Superposition property, 464a€“465 System transfer functions, anbsp;...

Title:Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLAB, Second Edition
Author:Taan ElAli, Mohammad A. Karim
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-01-17


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