Control and Mechatronics

Control and Mechatronics

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The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition combines traditional and newer, more specialized knowledge that will help industrial electronics engineers develop practical solutions for the design and implementation of high-power applications. Embracing the broad technological scope of the field, this collection explores fundamental areas, including analog and digital circuits, electronics, electromagnetic machines, signal processing, and industrial control and communications systems. It also facilitates the use of intelligent systemsa€”such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary methodsa€”in terms of a hierarchical structure that makes factory control and supervision more efficient by addressing the needs of all production components. Enhancing its value, this fully updated collection presents research and global trends as published in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics Journal, one of the largest and most respected publications in the field. Control and Mechatronics presents concepts of control theory in a way that makes them easily understandable and practically useful for engineers or students working with control system applications. Focusing more on practical applications than on mathematics, this book avoids typical theorems and proofs and instead uses plain language and useful examples to: Concentrate on control system analysis and design, comparing various techniques Cover estimation, observation, and identification of the objects to be controlleda€”to ensure accurate system models before production Explore the various aspects of robotics and mechatronics Other volumes in the set: Fundamentals of Industrial Electronics Power Electronics and Motor Drives Industrial Communication Systems Intelligent SystemsA simple example can be seen in Figure 35.9. From Figure 35.9, when coil number I is energized, the magnetic fluxgenerated pulls the rotor teeth pair A toward teeth I, as shown in Figure 35.9a. This is the first step in the stepper motor anbsp;...

Title:Control and Mechatronics
Author:Bodgan Wilamowski, J. David Irwin
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-02-28


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