Control System

Control System

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The Control SystemOpen loop and closed control; Servomechanism, Physical examples. Transfer functions, Block diagram algebra, Signal flow graph, Mason's gain formula, Reduction of parameter variation and effects of disturbance by using negative feedback.Time Response AnalysisStandard test signals, Time response of first and second order systems, Time response specifications, Steady state errors and error constants.Design Specifications of Second Order Systems : Derivative error, Derivative output, Integral error and PID compensations, Design considerations for higher order systems, Performance indices.Control System ComponentsConstructional and working concept of a.c. servomotor, Synchros and stepper motor.Stability and Algebraic Criteria : Concept of stability and necessary conditions, Routh-Hurwitz criteria and limitationsRoot Locus Technique : The root locus concepts, Construction of root loci.Frequency Response AnalysisFrequency response, Correlation between time and frequency responses, Polar and inverse polar plots, Bode plots.Stability in Frequency Domain : Nyquist stability criterion, Assessment of relative stability, Gain margin and phase margin, Constant M and N circles.Introduction to Design The design problem and preliminary considerations lead, lag and lead-lag networks, Design of closed loop systems using compensation techniques in time domain and frequency domain.Review of State Variable Technique : Review of state variable technique, Conversion of state variable model to transfer function model and vice-versa, Diagonalization, Controllability and observability and their testing.The d.c. servomotor gives continuous rotation. iv) The stepper motor is brushless while d.c. servomotor has the brushes. v) Due to ... 8.16 Applications of Stepper Motor Stepper motors are used in computer peripheral systems such as printers, tape drives, capstan drives, memory ... Develop block diagram for armature controlled D.C. servomotor and find its transfer function. aaa (8 - 28) Concept of Stabilityanbsp;...

Title:Control System
Author:V.U.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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