Control System Fundamentals

Control System Fundamentals

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Sifting through the variety of control systems applications can be a chore. Diverse and numerous technologies inspire applications ranging from float valves to microprocessors. Relevant to any system you might use, the highly adaptable Control System Fundamentals fills your need for a comprehensive treatment of the basic principles of control system engineering. This overview furnishes the underpinnings of modern control systems. Beginning with a review of the required mathematics, major subsections cover digital control and modeling. An international panel of experts discusses the specification of control systems, techniques for dealing with the most common and important control system nonlinearities, and digital implementation of control systems, with complete references. This framework yields a primary resource that is also capable of directing you to more detailed articles and books. This self-contained reference explores the universal aspects of control that you need for any application. Reliable, up-to-date, and versatile, Control System Fundamentals answers your basic control systems questions and acts as an ideal starting point for approaching any control problem.For MIMO systems, as for the requirements on the loop gain in SISO control design, any violation of the low-frequency ... [3] Dorf, R.C. and Bishop, R.H., Modern Control Systems, 7th Edition, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1995. ... Control Systems Society, the Transactions on Automatic Control, the Transactions on Control Systems Technology, and the ... Introduction. Modern control theory assumes that the systems engineer can specify quantitatively the required system performance.

Title:Control System Fundamentals
Author:William S. Levine
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-12-27


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