Control System Technology

Control System Technology

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Control System Technology focuses on the processes, methodologies, and techniques employed in control system technology, including digital computers, transducers, actuators, and amplifiers. The book first takes a look at classification, terminology, and definitions, displacement, reference, and velocity of transducers, and strain, force, torque, acceleration, load, and tension of transducers. Discussions focus on strain gauges and measuring bridges, other transducers for measuring force, torque, acceleration, and tension, displacement and velocity transducers, natural control systems, classification of control systems, and generalized single loop continuous feedback control system. The monograph examines electric amplifiers and final control elements, hydraulic and pneumatic amplifiers and final control elements, flow control valves, actuators and positioners, and signal and data conversion. The publication also ponders on interfacing control systems to digital computers, control system performance and commissioning, and experimental testing of plant, system elements, and systems. The manuscript is a valuable reference for engineers and researchers interested in control system technology.would be shown and represented by appropriate pictorial symbols; Ac the plant process would be included and represented by appropriate ... The completed schematic diagram thus yields a wealth of information about the physical interrelationships between the different system ... The example to be presented is hypothetical, so that only stages 1, 3 and 4 in the above procedure will be described in detail.

Title:Control System Technology
Author:C. J. Chesmond
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-12


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