Controlled Electrodynamic Suspension Vehicle Damping

Controlled Electrodynamic Suspension Vehicle Damping

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Commercial application linear motion magnetically levitated, maglev, bodies are inherently unstable owing to minimal large magnitude or prolonged oscillating disturbance natural damping. Induced vibrations into large inertial, magnetically levitated bodies experience resonance under certain operating conditions. Maglev vehicles typically incorporate a non-magnetic ancillary damping suspension system as compensation. Maglev designers desire an efficient, solely magnetic based damping system without auxiliary compensation for these large inertial vehicles, but no effective system has presented itself.A damping system solution that achieves electromagnetic damping while amenable to general ride quality requirements is considered adequate. 1.3 RESEARCH PAPER OUTLINE This introductory chapter describes the background and basics behind maglev systems while outlining the focus of this ... Chapter 2 outlines the general proposal behind this work and procedures for solving each phase.

Title:Controlled Electrodynamic Suspension Vehicle Damping
Publisher:ProQuest - 2006


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