Cool Beans

Cool Beans

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Cool beans is a leaders guide for a course which introduces young people (aged 12-16) to the basics of faith. It contains twelve one-hour sessions. It can be tagged onto an existing youth group or run as a course in its own right. It is ideal to use as a confirmation course or as the next step in a church youth group where few of the members have really thought through their beliefs.trainers or making your mind up about what to eat when youa#39;re at McDonalds? Religion ... One of the speakers is told to tell them the right way to go, the other is to see if they can lead them astray! ... of gods, Christians believe in only one God. ... 0.40 Activity: a#39;How to get to Heavena#39; Hand out the activity sheets: how to get to heaven and get the young people to mark themselves on how well theya#39;ve done.

Title:Cool Beans
Author:Paul Franklin - 2010-04-12


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