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How does the CORE package work? The Core Text is a traditional textbook focusing on the core topics in economics. It includes the usual textbook apparatus, including key terms and definitions. It also includes a set of innovative end-of-chapter questions and problems, many of which have been drawn from today's headlines and the business press. The CourseTutor is designed for interactivity. Students must work through the CourseTutor with a pencil in hand, reading through tutorials, solving problems, and drawing graphs. Short quizzes help students assess their progress and suggest additional work to help them master concepts. These two publications have been designed to work together for maximum reinforcement and practice. Since both are written by the same author the integration is seamless, providing a highly efficient study system.Playstation 3, Microsofta#39;s XBox 360, and Nintendoa#39;s Wii a€” are a driving force behind the development of faster ... It makes sense that Betty will buy more computer games as the price decreases. ... Let the price drop to $40, however, and she will buy 15 games during the year. Market Demand Curves Though individual demand curves, like the one showing Bettya#39;s demand for computer games, areanbsp;...

Author:Gerald W. Stone
Publisher:Worth Publishers - 2008


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