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Part One: Corrections And Criminals. 1. The Correctional Process. 2. Sentencing: Imposing Correctional Sanctions. 3. The Death Penalty: The Ultimate Sanction. Part Two: History Of Punishment And The Development Of Prisons. 4. The Evolution of Punishment. 5. The Development of Prisons in the United States. 6. Southern Penal Systems. 7. The Big House, the Rehabilitative Institution and the Prisoner Movement Eras. Part Three: Classification And Correctional Clientele. 8. Classification, Custody, and Special Category Offenders. 9. The Female Offender in Prison and in the Community. Part Four: The Contemporary Prison: Its Administration And Management. 10. The Contemporary Prison: Beginning the 21st Century. 11. Correctional Administration. 12. Security Threat Groups and Inmate Gangs. 13. Custodial Personnel. Part Five: Prisoners Rights And Related Issues. 14. History of Prisoner Rights, Court Access and Remedies. 15. Prisoner Substantive Rights. Part Six: Institutional Programs And Services. 16. Basic Prison Programs: Educational, Work and Recreational Programs. 17. Basic Prison Services: Health, Treatment, Food, and Religion. Part Seven: Community Correctional Programs, Facilities And Issues. 18. The American Jail. 19. Probation. 20. Intermediate Sanctions: Getting Tough in the Community. 21. Visitation, Parole and Sex Offenders.In one Texas prison, for example, an inmate who was a drug dealer on the street entered prison thinking he would ... Outside gang members also send money and arrange to have drugs and other contraband smuggled into the prison.

Author:Ira J. Silverman
Publisher:Wadsworth Pub Co - 2001


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