Countdown to Mecca

Countdown to Mecca

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A plane bound for Amman, Jordan goes down in the Caspian Sea. The crash yields no survivorsa€”save the Russian mercenary who hijacked the flighta€”and a cask containing an agent of unprecedented destructive potential is missing from the wreckage. A carefully plotted terrorist attack has been put into motion, and the resulting chaos might be enough to push America toward another costly war. The one man who might be able to stop the attack is Jack Hatfield, a freelance reporter who has never shied away from controversy. After making a politically incorrect statement about Islamic extremists, he has been discredited as a journalist and left to pick up the pieces of his career. But when his half-brother Sammy calls him, saying that his neighbor Ana overheard something she shouldn't have and now both their lives are in danger, Jack realizes he's stumbled upon a conspiracy to destroy Mecca. Now he, and a group of likeminded friends on the fringes of the law, must uncover who is behind the plot and stop thema€”or else witness the collapse of the world into a war of mutually assured global destruction. Michael Savage's COUNTDOWN TO MECCA is a gripping page-turner that takes readers on a journey where even the seemingly innocent aren't always innocent, the loyal aren't always loyal, and that even those counted on to serve their country, cannot always be counted on to protect it. With the threat of a third world war looming, Jack Hatfield must stop the destruction... before somebody can stop him.And follow my instructions.a€ While Jack ... What he wouldna#39;t have done for his Colt Combat Commander .45 or SIG-Sauer .380 right now. As if reading ... Sol opened one and removed a SIGSauer Mosquito automatic with a custom suppressor.

Title:Countdown to Mecca
Author:Michael Savage
Publisher:St. Martin's Press - 2015-05-12


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