County Woman

County Woman

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A precisely observed portrait of the civil rights era and the gripping story of one womana€™s unexpected awakening Itna Homa, Mississippi, is like many small Southern towns in the early 1960s. News travels fast, gossip even faster, and one ugly incident has the power to set the entire community aflame. Forty years ago, the murder of a local white woman shook Itna Homa to its core and resulted in the convictiona€”based on circumstantial evidencea€”of a young black man. Now desegregation at the University of Mississippi is the talk of the town, and fear and prejudice once again threaten to tear friends and families apart. For middle-aged housewife Allie McCall, the civil rights movement offers a welcome opportunity to reconsider her own life. She is open to the new ideas about race, class, and gender that are sweeping the country, and eager to see them gain greater acceptance in her hometown. Shocking her husband, Tate, and confounding the local political establishment, Allie enters the race for town constable against a long-serving and bigoted incumbent. As a voice for progressive reform, Allie hopes to encourage her like-minded neighbors to speak up. But her quest has another, more personal componenta€”it was Alliea€™s mother who was killed all those years ago, and Elgie Hale, the man accused of the crime, has recently escaped from prison. Allie will risk everythinga€”her marriage, her safety, her principlesa€”to track down Hale and determine his guilt or innocence once and for all.Nearing November, hogs were butchered, andthe air was frequently pungent and blued withwood smoke: the hogswere lowered on slings intotroughs tobe scalded ... She often stood in Brewstera#39;s bank to deposit reward money women raised from cake sales and other functions. ... Witha rotten apple like Quad it would virtually end; if he had progeny, none of them could ever again hold up their headsanbsp;...

Title:County Woman
Author:Joan Williams
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-12-30


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