Couple Kidnaps Each Other's Spouses

Couple Kidnaps Each Other's Spouses

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I met my best friend in jail. Yep, me, in jail. I was 27 at the time, and she was just a few years older than me. Two woman, from 2 very different walks of life, ending up in the same horrible place. My reason, my husband at the time wanted to experience another woman, yet keep my kids, and I was just in the way. So they set me up, and had me arrested. Our secret spot. When my grandmother had passed away 2 years prior, she left me her home. She lived deep in the woods, in a cabin. Something told me never to tell Hector about this cabin. Kathy and I would go there when we had to get away and drink. Then, Oliver and I began to go there when we needed to be alone. Oliver and I couldn't go there anymore though, because twice Kathy showed up looking for me. a€œNo, if we leave, thata€™s going to look suspicious. We may have to do drastic measures. I was thinking, the woods here, many people have been buried out here, never found again.a€ It was true. At every little gas station in the area was always flyers of woman that had a€œrun awaya€ and never found again. Some of these flyers were up to 16 years old. Families just didn't want to give up. a€œWe cana€™t keep them down here forever, and we have to keep buying them supplies, they are going to catch us! We have to kill them!a€ He said this so coldly that it even made my blood run cold. I didn't know what else to say, so I walked to the basement door, listening first, to make sure nobody was behind the door. I had my little gun on my hip, ready to defend myself if needed. I was surprised to find them both sitting on the same cot together, holding each other.Hearing this angered him, but he let it go. During these weeks, they both learned so much about each other. He learned of her love of music, her favorite song which was Christina Perri - A Thousand Years, her favorite flower, her favorite color, anbsp;...

Title:Couple Kidnaps Each Other's Spouses
Author:Tiffani Mae
Publisher:Vince Stead - 2014-07-10


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