Cozy Cats Cottage Plc

Cozy Cats Cottage Plc

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Dogs have masters, cats have staff. Dogs come when called, but cats take a message and get back to you! Angela Tillsworthya€™s father was wheelchair bound. He was blind and deaf, but still had a sense of feel and a very alert and active mind. Sitting in a wheelchair day after day put him in a perpetual state of mental torture until one day, her cat jumped up into his lap, and put a permanent smile on his face. They became inseparable. Angela came to realise that the therapeutic power of cats had been considerably underestimated, until now. She formed a company, named it Cozy Cats Cottage plc and employed six cats of varying temperaments and breeds. The cats were then sent to various establishments where young or old needed specialist care. Meet Buckingham, Lily, Dexter, Miss Pretty, TC and Bathsheba, all star employees who find themselves in many weird and wonderful situations throughout the story, which are all mostly inspired by personal experience. This sincere and heartwarming adventure is beautifully illustrated by talented artist Kiran Ahmad and will appeal to animal lovers everywhere.The second bedroom was on the ground floor.The master bedroom, with a double bed and fitted wardrobes with sliding doors, was delicate and feminine with everything depicted in white and pastel green. Floral patterned curtains and anbsp;...

Title:Cozy Cats Cottage Plc
Author:John Schroeder
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2011


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