Cracking the Parenting Code

Cracking the Parenting Code

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Why do some children grow up and then abandon the Christian values and convictions of their parents? What can parents do to prevent this all-too-common tragedy? Laura Lee Heinsohn's search for answers led to startling conclusions. Through interviews with more than 1, 000 individuals about their own childhood and parenting experiences, she discovered consistently common themes. This book identities six critical needs of children and the six corresponding a€œcluesa€ to meeting those needs and keeping the connection strong. Special features include questionnaires to help parents understand themselves and their children. Questions throughout will help parents understand the strengths and weaknesses of their parenting. Author shares inspirational thoughts of her own experiences as a parent.I could hear her voice in the background but couldna#39;t comprehend the words coming out her mouth. My mind was frozen, stuck on those ten little words, a€œMom, I dona#39;t want to see you for a while.a€ Ten little ... a€œMom, I love you, a€ she said softly.

Title:Cracking the Parenting Code
Author:Laura Lee Heinsohn
Publisher:New Hope Publishers - 2008


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