Creating a Lean R&D System

Creating a Lean R&D System

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The ability to find and remove barriers between people and their systems in RaD can almost guarantee a doubling in performance, and often delivers multiples of that. RaD teams that have smooth handoffs deliver 100 percent of the required knowledge at those handoffs. As a result, such teams do not lose critical information, have unexpected knowledge gaps appear in their projects, or have uncoordinated knowledge transfers that waste minutes, days, and even months every year. Creating a Lean RaD System: Lean Principles and Approaches for Pharmaceutical and Research-Based Organizations lays out the logic of why Lean implementation isna€™t strictly for manufacturing and describes why it can be just as effective in RaD organizations. Terence Barnhart, former senior director of continuous improvement at Pfizer RaD, describes the theoretical and physical underpinnings of creating a Lean transformation in any RaD organization, as exemplified by the Lean transformation initiated within the RaD division of a global pharmaceutical company. Describing how to merge Lean principles with the cultural virtues inherent in RaD, the book presents Lean approaches that can be easily applied in pharmaceutical and research-based organizations. It takes a strategic approach to solving two problems unique to the Lean field. The first is in noting the key distinctions between RaD and manufacturing, and developing a Lean approach specific to the RaD environment. The second is that it proposes a systematic middle-out (merger/maneuver) strategy to help you initiate and sustain a Lean culture within your pharmaceutical RaD organization that will help you immediately engage all stakeholders involved.Lean Principles and Approaches for Pharmaceutical and Research-Based Organizations Terence M Barnhart. PURPOSE ... Instead, the A3 is designed to communicate the thinking process that someone is using to solve a problem. Showinganbsp;...

Title:Creating a Lean R&D System
Author:Terence M Barnhart
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-08-20


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