Creating Fear

Creating Fear

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The creative use of fear by news media and social control organizations has produced a qdiscourse of fearq--The awareness and expectation that danger and risk are lurking everywhere. Case studies illustrates how certain organizations and social institutions benefit from the exploitation of such fear construction. One social impact is a manipulated public empathy: We now have more qvictimsq than at any time in our prior history. Another, more troubling result is the role we have ceded to law enforcement and punishment: we turn ever more readily to the state and formal control to protect us from what we fear. This book attempts through the marshalling of significant data to interrupt that vicious cycle of fear discourse. David Altheide employs a method, which he calls qtracking discourseq, to map how the nature and the extent of the use of the word qfearq has changed since the 1980s; how the topics associated with fear, the topics of media discourse, have also changed over the same period (for example, the emphasis qmovesq over time across AIDS, crime, immigrants, race, sexuality, schools, and children); and how certain news sources prevail over others, thus protectively insulating themselves from criticism of the premises of their discourse frames.Examining different articles from 1987 and 199-4 about childrena#39;s safety and fears illustrates rhe shift from a specific concern ro a ... For example, take the article entitled: aquot;Arrowhead Referendum Effort Alive Despite Signature Flapaquot;: The rezoning case has angered ... One NYT essay, aquot;Fear Irself; Finding New Reasons to Dread the Unknownaquot; (Tom Weiner, March 26, 1995, Week in Review Desk, sec . 4, 1)anbsp;...

Title:Creating Fear
Author:David L. Altheide
Publisher:Transaction Publishers -


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