Creating Wealth with a Small Business

Creating Wealth with a Small Business

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a€œA a€˜must-reada€™ book ... filled with practical information and numerous case studies on what aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners need to know to run a profitable business...the author reminds the reader not to confuse the excitement and enthusiasm of starting a business and being a business owner with the skills required to be successful and avoid becoming one of the 80% of businesses that will eventually fail. A major contribution of this book is its continuous emphasis on the importance of having a business model as a critical requirement to start and manage a profitable business.a€ a€”Edgar Ortiz, CEO of Strategic Analytic Solutions and business columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Ralph Blanchard, a successful entrepreneur with a background in economics, provides a detailed analysis of what it is really like to buy, start, operate, and eventually sell a small business. Topics covered include: a€c why most businesses fail a€c ten management skills found in successful small business owners a€c strategies to transition from self-employment to entrepreneurship a€c advantages that small business owners have over larger competitors a€c tips to develop profitable pricing strategies a€c innovative ideas to help develop a sound business modelStrategies and Models for Entrepreneurs in the 2010s Ralph Blanchard ... Aggregate global GDP (Gross Domestic Product, a standard measurement of economic activity) actually contracted 2% in 2009, but ... A similar report issued annually by Credit Suisse calculates wealth using a net worth approach (all household assets minus all ... Credit Suisse Research Institute.

Title:Creating Wealth with a Small Business
Author:Ralph Blanchard
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-08-03


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