Credit Counseling Services…Legit Or Scam?

Credit Counseling Services…Legit Or Scam?

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Do credit counseling services really help people or are they merely dishonest schemes out to defraud consumers? Every business has good guys and bad guys, and the credit world is certainly no exception. To protect yourself from the bad guys, you need to know how to distinguish who are legit and whoa€™s a rip-off. Illegal credit counseling services have these obvious marks on them: Am They ask for an unusually high service fee in advance. Am They do not have official recognition or proper certification from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling or the Association of the Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. Am They make self-seeking, questionable and misleading promises and claims. As a consumer, keep in mind at all times that credit counseling services are there to help you manage your debt. They will offer legal advice and several options for debt management. They will not, however, pay these debts for you nor will they make your debts disappear. What you do is take their advice, weigh out all your options and make the best decision applicable to your situation. With the information on this book, you can learn how you can utilize the benefit of credit counseling services to help you get out of debt.A Mini-Guide On Credit Counseling Services With Very Helpful Debt Advice For Debt Management To Help You Find Solutions For ... ThiN• N•E¾rt E¾f fEdllN• intE¾ thEm snowflake N€EdNƒmEmnt NEdtEmgE¾rNƒ but in Edn advanced way. ... dE¾ tE¾N€rEmvEmnt furtherdEmbt Ednd mEdkEm NƒE¾ur current dEmbtN• easier tE¾ N•EmttlEm iN• NrEmEdtEma buffEmr E¾fE¾nEmtE¾ six payments.

Title:Credit Counseling Services…Legit Or Scam?
Author:Francis K. Peterson
Publisher:KMSPublishing - 2014-02-27


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