Credit Scores and You

Credit Scores and You

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qCredit Scores and Youq is the definitive guide on how to create, maintain, or repair your credit score. Knowing how to get your credit score over 700 and to keep it there can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. The book is the result of the author's desire to give financial direction and inspiration to his two sons as they grew into young adults. His career in lending and the financial world has provided a keen understanding of what is required to build a solid financial base, and how vitally important an excellent credit score has become in business, and in day-to-day life. It shares real life experiences, and provides information on getting started in finances, handling money, and how to build your credit history. Learning about trade lines, the credit scoring system, and when to consider various loan products is discussed. How your credit history impacts what you do and what it can cost you over time is the essence of this subject. A good credit score involves much more than what it will cost for a particular loan product. Your credit score is considered when you apply for a job, when you are looking for housing, and how the insurance company views you as customer. That simple three-digit number has become more profound since the mid 1990's than ever before. Your credit score will determine whether or not you are approved for a loan product. In many cases it will also dictate how much you will pay in interest rates and fees. Excellent credit scores will open many more doors and save you money. A good credit score will also help you when applying for a job. Many employers will run a credit check along with a background check before they will consider a candidate for employment. High or low credit scores are considered a reflection on how an applicant may perform on the job. Insurance companies have their own methods for determining risk, and charge insurance premiums based on that data. Credit scores in recent years have become one of the factors that they look at on an insurance application. High or low credit scores can be one of the determining factors in what they charge. Having an understanding of the importance of a great credit score should not be underestimated. 'Credit Scores and You' will give the reader an excellent basis for getting on the right track toward financial wellness.A score from 700 to 739 is good, 660 to 699 is average, 620 to 659 is below average, and scores below 600 are poor. ... the variety of categories, such as revolving credit, installment loans, consumer finance, home mortgages, etc., you have.

Title:Credit Scores and You
Author:Richard Johnson
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2011-01


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