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A native son returns to the island of Crete a hundred years after his family has emigrated to German East Africa and America. He builds a villa on a small cove and introduces European tourists to the locals. We meet Telis, the bearded surgeon trained in Dusseldorf who has gone native, Lefteris, the handsome moustachioed shepherd who has opened the nearby taverna, Minos, a colourful reformed pimp from the bars of Piraeus who becomes the author's building supervisor, and other characters from the village and the island. An isolated convent with young attractive nuns in the mountains poses a sexual mystery; a mystery too is the presence of a fierce monk with a pistol living alone in a nearby monastery. The writer has heard from his grandparents of mysterious phenomena on the island and laughs until he meets the Dawn Skywalkers of the Libyan Sea on the island's south coast. Comedy and satire reveal the roots of a society changing with the arrival of tourists on the small picture-postcard bay near Heraclion.Stories of a Beach Alexis Mantheakis ... A goodlooking married Athenian businessman in his late forties had been having an affair withthe diminutive wife ofafriend. ... The Friday night boat bringing the husbands was called the Keratokaravo the Cuckold Boat. ... openair tavernas thick shadows ofmulberry trees concealed the identities of clandestine couples while they drankretsina and shared intimacies.

Author:Alexis Mantheakis
Publisher:neobooks Self-Publishing - 2013-12-11


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