Critical Essays on

Critical Essays on "Causation and Responsibility"

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Moorea€™s Causation and Responsibility is one of the most important publications in the philosophy of law.This volume offers, for the first time, an exchange between legal and philosophical scholars over the work. It pioneers the dialogue between English-speaking and German philosophy of law on a broad range of pressing foundational questions. The collection is essential reading for anyone interested in legal and moral theory.In this paper, I just wish to outline how in my opinion the hints to be found in a#39;The Cement of the Universea#39; need to be ... One might take the view that all examples could be dissolved if a more fine-grained description of the circumstances would anbsp;...

Title:Critical Essays on "Causation and Responsibility"
Author:Benedikt Kahmen, Markus Stepanians
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2013-10-14


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