Critical Properties of [Greek Letter Phi]4-theories

Critical Properties of [Greek Letter Phi]4-theories

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Based upon lecture notes for a course taught by Kleinert, this monograph explains in detail how to perform perturbation expansions in quantum field theory to high orders. The authors also describe how to extract the critical properties of the theory from the resulting divergent power series. Kleinert teaches physics at the Freie U. in Berlin and Schulte-Frohlinde is a visiting scientist at Harvard. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR.We expand W[Go] in a Taylor series: AdAd i /-\\p (5.49) and find for the expansion coefficients the recursion relation Wp+l = 4 J [2p (2p - 1) + 3(2p)] Wp + ... (5.52) The expansion coefficients zp count the total number of vacuum diagrams of order p.

Title:Critical Properties of [Greek Letter Phi]4-theories
Author:Hagen Kleinert, Verena Schulte-Frohlinde
Publisher:World Scientific - 2001


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