Critical Race

Critical Race

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Tom Harris, spying at Churchill's behest on Germany's pre-war scientific programme, is a good man who finds himself in a bad place. A place where friend and foe, good and bad, right and wrong become hopelessly confused. But it is also a place where a genius named Zuse creates a technology of world-changing potential.The Nazis came within a whisker of having this technology, years before anyone else, and it would have won them the war. But the arrogance of the Third Reich was blind to its potential and now Harris knows that he must get Zuse's ideas into the hands of the Allies.The story of Tom Harris is a jigsaw puzzle based on facts and factual events, but also about real people and how the concept of the digital computer escaped the darkness of Nazi Germany, made the atomic bomb a reality and changed all of our lives - forever.ledger. Opening it, Tom found the neat, orderly description of all the work Schreyer had done on both Zusea#39;s Z1 and Z2, and then subsequently on his own version. Circuit diagrams, component lists, circuit descriptions, experimental measurements, tests, everything. ... Setting the exposure for 1/30th sec at f1.8, the longest exposure he could risk without significant blurring of the image, Tom proceeded toanbsp;...

Title:Critical Race
Author:Martin Hancock - 2007-09-01


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