Cross-Language Studies of Learning to Read and Spell:

Cross-Language Studies of Learning to Read and Spell:

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The present volume is based on the proceedings of the Advanced Study Institute (AS I) sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held in Alvor, Algarve, Portugal. A number of scholars from different countries participated in the two-week institute on Cognitive and linguistic aspects of reading, writing, and spelling. The present papers are further versions with modifications and refinements from those presented at the Advanced Study Institute. Several people and organizations have helped us in this endeavor and their assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Our special thanks are to: the Scientific Affairs division of NATO for providing the major portions of the financial support, Dr. L.V. da Cunha of NATO and Dr. THo Kester and Mrs. Barbara Kester of the International Transfer of Science and Technology of the various aspects of the institute; and (ITST) for their help and support the staff of Hotel Alvor Praia for making our stay a pleasant one by helping us to run the institute smoothly.Ina longitudinalstudy of thedevelopment ofreading and spelling from preschoolage up to the end of 4thgrade, empirical data ... when reading familiar words and pseudowords consistingof either familiar lettersor withat least oneunfamiliar letter.

Title:Cross-Language Studies of Learning to Read and Spell:
Author:C.K. Leong, R.M. Joshi
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-03-14


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