Crossing the Seas: A Diary of My Thoughts

Crossing the Seas: A Diary of My Thoughts

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qWe can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.q --- Plato Even after Dr. Martin Luther King was shot, his dreams are still alive and have been passed to the next generation to pursue freedom, democracy, equality, justice, peace, and prosperity. Thanks to his wake-up call and pains-taking efforts, modern society is much more open-minded and tolerant towards differences. A good leader should be a good reader; A good reader can become a good leader. Reading minds can be as challenging as reading books. This book documents the author Yuehai's book reading experience and his reflections upon politics, higher education, society, and pop culture ...etc. as well as his mind reading experience. It is a collection of his posts on his blog and on Facebook, where he has been sharing his thoughts and interacting with top political and business leaders, celebrities, and scholars in America, Europe, and Asia, implicitly and explicitly during the past two years (Sept.2010 through Sept.2012). It seems that his Facebook posts might have inspired lots of creative celebrities who produced stunning songs, movies, and TV shows. Here are some of those songs: qBorn this wayq, qThe Edge of Gloryq, qHairq, qYou and Iq, qGovernment Hookerq, qPrincess Dieq, q Princess Highq, qSo Happy I Could Dieq, qBloody Maryq, qHighway Unicornq--- by Lady Gaga qI Love You This Bigq by Scotty McCreery qBrighter Than the Sunq by Colbie Caillat qI Wanna Goq by Brittney Spears qOptionsq by Gomez qFireworkq by Katy Perry qLove You Like a Love Songq by Selina Gomez qYear of 4q qI Was Hereq by Beyonce qRedq by Taylor Swift qPrincess of Chinaq by Coldplay qInternational Loveq by Pit Bull qMr. Know-It-Allq, qStrongerq by Kelly Clarkson qMr. President q by Coco Jambo WE CAN BE ANYTHING by qI Am Your Leaderq by Nicki Minaj qTriumphq by Mariah Carey qGive Your Heart A Breakq , qSky Scraperq by Demi Lovato qMy Hair Songq by Rhett a Link qThere's A Place For Usq by Carrie Underwood qOne Thingq , qTake Me Homeq by One Direction qLet Goq , qChasing Satelliteq by Tomas Fiss qRolling in the Deepq by Adele qChasing the Sunq qGold Foreverq qGlad You Cameq (director X) by The Wanted qYour Bodyq by Christina Aguilera qSomebody to LoveqqTurn to Youq qAs Long as You Love Meq qBelieveqqBoyfriendq qDr.Bieberq qBeauty and A Beatq by Justin Bieber... among others. Some interesting titles of movies and TV shows : The Kinga€™s Speech, The Master, Ink Master, Magic Mike, Dr. Who, The Who, The Paper Boy, Killing Them Softly, The Voice, Captain America, Captain China, Captain Planet, The Dictator, The Hunger Game, The Man with Iron Fists, A Gifted Man, Think Like a Man, Master Class, Big Brother, Under-Covered Boss, Train the Dragon...and so forth. Others: Tedx, SpaceX, MITx, Harvardx, Milk X, X-box, Master Chief... Six Harvard Law School professors and six ideas worth spreading, in q60 Minutesq speaking, the typical way that an English expository essay is written would be like this: first, a thesis statement is written for the ... The thesis statement is supposed to make a main point (a claim) in the essay and each topic sentence addresses one sub-point to back up the main point. ... Once the outline is there, details and examples can be added to support each sub-point or topic sentence.

Title:Crossing the Seas: A Diary of My Thoughts
Author:Yuehai Xiao
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-10-09


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