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The Earth is almost dead. The only hope humanity has rests with two giant starships that are speeding across the galaxy. The starships are captained by two captains that have had a dislike for each other since their first encounter. They are headed to the only planet found that would support life as we know it: a planet found by a recon drone and known only as LK80. On board the two ships is the TRANSCON, an interdimensional portal that can teleport the people of Earth to the new planet, if they can reach it in time. Something has happened on Earth, for they have had no communications since a frantic call for help was heard. Was Earth still there? What will they find at the end of their journey? What news if any will they hear from Earth? Find out as The Saga Begins. PART 2 will be out in late 2012 or early 2013. Thanks, Don WalkerHe noticed the diagram that was laid out before them. Lincoln finished his conversation and turned to Joad. a€œWe have the diagram of the area where the tear was located, a€ he said to Joad. a€œWhat we are looking at is the wiring diagram of thisanbsp;...

Author:Don Walker
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-05-12


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