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Crossover is a laboratory manual and computer program that work together to teach the principles of genetics. Designed to complement regular textbooks and classroom instruction, Crossover consists of thirty-five modules that can be tailored to fit genetics courses at several levels. Examples, interactive computer models, problems, and self-tests all help students understand difficult concepts and learn the basic mathematical skills needed to study contemporary theories of genetics, evolution, and breeding. The easy-to-use tutorial system lets students work at their own pace. Features include: * In-depth investigations of meiosis, genetic ratios, linkage mutation, natural selection, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, artificial selection, quantitative genetics, breeding methods, mating designs, plant patent law, and the use of molecular markers * A computer model that allows students to manipulate genetic parameters and compare outcomes. Students can observe evolution and artificial selection in action * A qMajor Conceptsq section at the beginning of each chapter to help students focus on the important material to be learned * A visual, easy-to-understand presentation of material * Exercises based on genetic data and analyses from actual research projects * Several stages of complexity within each area of instruction. * Instant grading of exercises * qSuggested Readingsq at the end of each chapter to direct the student to related books, articles, and computer programs.Concepts and Applications in Genetics, Evolution, and Breeding : an Interactive Computer-based Laboratory Manual Jack E. Staub, Karl Braunschweig, Claire Rinehart ... Suzuki, D. T., A. I. Griffiths, J. H. Miller and R. C. Lewontin. 1989.

Author:Jack E. Staub, Karl Braunschweig, Claire Rinehart
Publisher:Univ of Wisconsin Press - 1994


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