Crowded Orbits

Crowded Orbits

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Written for all readers, this expert analysis details the basics of space technology, diplomacy, commerce, exploration, and military applications from the mid-twentieth century to today. Space has become increasingly crowded since the end of the Cold War, and this book pays particular attention to the politics and economics of space and recent debates over national security, focusing on the competing themes of international competition and cooperation and the effort to avoid dangerous conflicts. Unfortunately, the growth of human space activity and challenges to existing international tools of management, such as rules, laws, and treaties, have increased the likelihood of conflict over a diminishing pool of space resources close to Earth. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in international space debates and policy, James Clay Moltz points to the logic of cooperation and collaboration among the expanding number of space actors, considering their shared challenges regarding space traffic, orbital debris, radio-spectrum crowding, space situational awareness, and space weaponization. He concludes with policy recommendations for improving international space relations, focusing on enhanced communication, data sharing, and operational cooperation.... 27, 36, 52, 187; launch sites, 73, 134; launch vehicles, 105; military space capabilities, 122, 134a€“35; and planetary defense, 87; plans for future ... -of- operation maneuvers, 23a€“24; number in orbit, 20, 133, 173a€“74; orbits for, 20a€“24 (see also geostationary orbit; low-Earth orbit; ... early-warning systems; Earth- imaging systems; geolocation and civilian navigation; meteorological satellites; micro-satellites;anbsp;...

Title:Crowded Orbits
Author:James Moltz
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2014-04-29


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