Crowe's Requiem

Crowe's Requiem

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CROWE'S REQUIEM tells the story of John Crowe, a young man born into a village without any apparent history or contact with the outside world. Coming under the tutelage of his mad, beloved grandfather, Crowe is introduced to an existence he feels compelled to understand but is doomed forever to find elusive and mystifying. Breaking free of the old man's spell - drifting through the city hoping to complete his education - he embarks on a sudden, erotic affair with Marian, a young woman with a broken claim to divinity. Unable to see himself except through a prison of fictions, Crowe's life begins to escape him. Love story and gothic fairy tale, teeming with ghosts, sorcerors and vagrants, CROWE'S REQUIEM is in eerie and treacherous meditation on the nature of storytelling by one of Ireland's finest new writers.THIS CITY CAME as a shock to me, everything about it wrong-footed and bewildered me. ... I felt stunned, as if Ia#39;d woken from a deep sleep and found myself at the core of a labyrinth with no memory of how Ia#39;d got there and no sign of an exit. ... A car screeched to a halt and I stood rooted in the middle of the street, staring into the face of a livid driver. ... My patience exhausted, I would then have to ask for directions only to find that I was all the time within spitting distance of my doorwayanbsp;...

Title:Crowe's Requiem
Author:Mike McCormack
Publisher:Random House - 2012-06-30


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