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In this follow-up to the standout bestseller The 7th Victim, Karen Vail ventures to Napa Valley, where a serial killer has been crushing his victimsa€™ windpipes and leaving their bodies in caves. But when the Crush Killer learns that an FBI profiler has joined the Major Crimes Task Force, the newfound attention emboldens him, and he sets in motion a plan that wreaks havoc on the towna€”as well as the task force. Although a sudden break in the case helps Vail zero in on the identity of the killer, she senses that something isna€™t right. If she doesna€™t figure it out in time, the consequences will be dire. In a rousing climax that leaves readers breathless, and which Publishers Weekly termed a a€œshockeroo ending, a€ Vail must pick up the piecesa€”and clean up the carnage left behind by the Crush Killer. Meticulously researched during years of work with the FBIa€™s Behavioral Analysis Unit, this high-velocity thriller from national bestselling author Alan Jacobson features the kind of edge-of-your-seat ending that inspired Nelson DeMille to call Jacobson a€œa hell of a writer.a€ Crush is the first installment of a two-part story that concludes with Velocity, book three in the Karen Vail Series.a€œKneea#39;s a little sore, but no problem.a€ The land flattened out, and further right, behind ... One of them had a highend digital SLR camera around his neck, Nikon D700 embroidered into the strap. a€œGood to meet all of you, a€ Robby said. a€œSorry to anbsp;...

Author:Alan Jacobson
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-07-01


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