Crushing Debt

Crushing Debt

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As the majority of Canadians are now spending much more than they make, their debt levels are reaching crisis proportions. Excluding mortgage debt, the average Canadian owes over $25, 000 in consumer debt, which poses massive risks not only for the individuals carrying that financial load, but for our entire financial system. In Crushing Debt, bestselling author David Trahair (Enough Bull) warns Canadians that consumer debt is becoming an urgent problem but one that can be solved. Trahair clearly outlines the evils of debt and how easy it is for debt to spiral out of control with examples of real-life stories of debt disasters. If you are a Canadian who is already struggling with debt, Crushing Debt will motivate you to face your financial problems and will show you step-by-step the most appropriate solution to getting out of your personal debt hell. Filled with proven advice, Crushing Debt is a call to action on an urgent and debilitating problem for far too many Canadians.It must be noted, however, that she is still working on her student loan debt, as it is not eligible for the DMP program. ... Your unsecured debt includes things like credit card debt, unsecured lines of credit, personal loans, and income taxes.

Title:Crushing Debt
Author:David Trahair
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2012-01-06


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