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For undergraduate and graduate courses in Curriculum Development and/or Curriculum Planning. Defining curriculum broadly, as what is taught in schools, this practical text arranges content around two major themes: 1) curriculum processes involve decision making by people who are guided by their beliefs and values about what students should learn; and, 2) curricular change occurs only after individuals have made internal transitions. Unlike its competition, this text painstakingly bridges curriculum theory to practice, exploring ways to develop curriculum, implement a curriculum plan, and assess a school's curriculum by applying chapter content to sample curriculum projects. Through accessible, jargon-free language and student-friendly pedagogy, the author shows both how practice informs theory and how use of theory helps educators engage in curriculum tasks appropriately.Rainforest Poster: A colorful two-page poster depicting the layers of the rainforest , rainforest products, and the threats faced today by many of ... Venn Diagram Template: This link provides a photocopy-ready Venn diagram for use in this unit.

Author:Evelyn J. Sowell
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2004-05-22


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