Cutter's Demons

Cutter's Demons

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Frank had hired someone to murder Mrs. Stevens, Louise Mother. With her out the way, he would be heir to Cuttera€™s Ranch. Who better to fulfill this mission, than the institutea€™s resident doctor, Doctor Keylock! Unfortunately Frank wasna€™t the only one with a plot to win the old mana€™s ranch, and the good doctor wasna€™t immune to fear and the paranormal. Doctor Keylock mysteriously died shortly after committing the inhumane act of murder, and so the plot thickened. Louise Stevens never imagined leaving the railway, and he lived a rather simple life, writing in his spare time. He awoke in hospital after a train accident, and met the most beautiful lady doctor. They fell in love, and the passion was beyond any he had ever experienced. Sometime later they discovered something about each other that had a huge impact on both their lives. They were related! They set out on a new venture together, and their goal was to solve Mrs. Stevena€™s murder. The players all seemed to have foolproof plots, and set out to dispose of each other, but little did they know Cutter was haunting his ranch! A surprise ending awaits the reader! This novel has an age restriction due to the romantic scenes, the blood and gore, the fear and suspense, and includes extremely humorous scenes.Driving on the regular road had become boring over the past five years. ... If only these things had a longer cycle ... he signed off and drove home in his 1972 Ford Mustang, a car which he felt to be a lot younger than him, even though it was inanbsp;...

Title:Cutter's Demons
Author:Bernard Harold Curgenven
Publisher:BookRix - 2015-07-29


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