Cyberbullying and E-safety

Cyberbullying and E-safety

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a€œI'd die without my Blackberrya€ a€“ one young person's comment sums up a generation of young people who are increasingly living their daily lives through their phones and the internet. Cyberbullying is rife, affecting one in five 10a€“19 year olds. It causes anxiety, unhappiness and mental health problems; in extreme cases even leading to suicide. This book provides a compelling and up to date account of the constantly evolving problem of cyberbullying: the different forms it can take, how the impact differs on boys and girls of different ages, and which children are most vulnerable. Drawing on the findings of the author's survey of over 9, 000 children and teenagers, Cyberbullying and E-safety provides a revealing account of the direct experiences and views of children. It describes how a new world where emerging technologies such as smartphones have transformed online social behaviour requires a new, more relevant approach to e-safety and the problem of cyberbullying. The author provides this in the form of a youth-led, age- and gender-appropriate model for cyber-education in the modern world; a 3-tier model comprising universal e-safety education accompanied by targeted and intensive support and advice for children at most risk. She also outlines a school-wide model for preventing and responding to cyberbullying in children, young people and teachers, and provides a wealth of guidance and tools for individuals and schools including templates and lesson plans. Cyberbullying and E-safety is required reading for teachers, counsellors, youth workers, social workers, and other professionals working with children and young people.Kids. Online. 67, 83, . 106. fogging 137, 208 Formspring 58, 149, 193 forums, defined 208. chain letters 18, 36 charities, funding ... P. 30 comics, perceived threat from 19 coming out 84 complaints, handling 149, 160, 217 Computer Misue Act (1990) 162 computer systems ... 29 types 30a€”5 ofvictims of bullying 27 a€”8, 40a€”1 see also prevention and response cyberbullying and gender, lesson plan 173a€”5anbsp;...

Title:Cyberbullying and E-safety
Author:Adrienne Katz
Publisher:Jessica Kingsley Publishers - 2012-07-15


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