Cycling, Wine, and Men

Cycling, Wine, and Men

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With one bounced check, Nancy Brooka€™s world collapsed around her. She was charged with a felony and thrown in jail even though her husband had pilfered money out of their business account. Eventually, the charges were dismissed, but her marriage and business were over. A decade later at age forty-three, Nancy thrived as a bank vice president and single parent. Still, she couldna€™t get her dating act together. After seven break-ups in seven years, she knew it was time for a change. The cure for her dating blues? A 700-mile cycling expedition from Bordeaux to the Alps. In France, Nancy wasna€™t a corporate manager, a mother, or someonea€™s girlfriend. She was reborn into a beautiful new worlda€”without responsibilities or expectations. Cycling, Wine, and Men: A Midlife Tour de France reveals an introspective journey through post-divorce dating, single parenthood, and finding happiness and independence as an unattached woman in her prime. Nancy had thought the perfect guy would make life complete. Instead she learned that pursuing passions and fulfilling lifelong dreams created deeper fulfillment than her latest homme parfait. Experience the ride of a lifetime as Under the Tuscan Sun meets Sex in the City.I return to my room to retrieve the tool along with my bike. I watch him put his bike together. When he offers to assemble mine, my opinion of him improves, slightly. While Nate works on our bikes, David, Kate, and Ian join us to assemble theirs.

Title:Cycling, Wine, and Men
Author:Nancy Brook
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing - 2011-02-08


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