Czech Mate

Czech Mate

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Czech Mate is a satire, disguised as a crime thriller It is a book about Betrayal, Revenge, and Redemption Dimitri is a man who has everything in life He is a well-respected genetic scientist with a great family He moves to the US to teach at a major university and gets caught in a corrupted political system When his family is murdered, he sets out for revenge and justice, along the way he collects a rather eclectic group of followers Everyone is constantly betraying the others and is getting betrayed by the others in return Dimitri is finally able to learn an important lesson in life and through that lesson he finds a path out of his web of destruction. When he chooses the path of compassion and hope he is ultimately rewarded by finding a new love and a new life. Book One of the Czech Trilogy This book contains - The Gospel of PantAcAcDedication This book is dedicated to Tiger (1999a€”2004) a€œA Thousand Yearsa€ Christina Perri When my wife abandoned my son and me, she also abandoned her cat, Tiger. Until we all were abandoned, I never realized how deeply cats feel anbsp;...

Title:Czech Mate
Author:Daniel West
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-08-08


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