Dakota Seas

Dakota Seas

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Dean Samuels, a brilliant geophysicist, has created a computer-driven device that utilizes magnetic acceleration and gravity yield (Maggie) to achieve the miracle of time travel. With the assistance of his lifelong friend, Guy Lazarus, Samuels is transported back to the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Once transmission is complete, Lazarus must dismantle the equipment and move everything to a safe location before insurgents can steal the priceless technology. After narrowly escaping a devastating bomb blast and deadly pursuit, Lazarus locates his former girlfriend, Betsy Pettis, on a ranch hidden deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota and reconstructs Maggie. Now he must face the perilous mission of finding Samuels on an earth seventy million years younger and returning him to the present. Can Lazarus successfully locate Samuels, survive a near-death encounter with a monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex, and evade the subversive forces plotting to steal Maggie's incredible technology?This time Betsy was at the controls, and despite her natural hesitation, he was able to guide her through the process. ... They both watched intently as the acorn lifted gently off the gravity base, and with the same display of noise and electricity that accompanied the previous transmission, it suddenly ... He remembered seeing two large rubber mud flaps in the lower level of the barn, discarded from some long-departed cattle truck judging from their crusty manure-caked condition .

Title:Dakota Seas
Author:C. Lynn
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-06


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