Dark Fate (4 Tales of Dark Fantasy & Paranormal Romance)

Dark Fate (4 Tales of Dark Fantasy & Paranormal Romance)

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Some stories have been previously published. Some stories are novellas and some are full length. When fate and destiny collide, one must fight the darkness or be swallowed up. What happens when you're fated to be the very thing that makes you shudder? What if there was a fate worse than death? In Dark Destiny, each heroine has a dark fate... a marked destiny. Will these inspirational characters survive the cards of fate they have been dealt? 4 thrilling stories in one volume 4 sexy heroes. 4 strong heroines. This is FOUR works of fiction from some of today's most exciting authors. A star-studded anthology of thrilling, action-packed and totally swoon-worthy first books by your favorite women authors. BOOK 1 a€“ CRUSH by Chrissy Peebles The Crush Saga Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/4eMF8KXEUc4 His precious touch could prove deadlya€b When Taylor Sparks moves from New York City to Big Bear Lake, California, her life is forever changed when she meets a hot guy with winter-blue eyes named Jesse. Their attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable. But sadly, things aren't adding up. Taylor wonders what her 'crush' is hiding. When her new friend, Fred tells her his suspicions about Jesse being a paranormal creature, Taylor laughs. But when Fred turns up dead, she believes every warning he ever told her. Taylor is shocked to learn that Big Bear Lake isn't just glittering lakes, towering pines, and breathtaking mountains...there's more...way more than meets the eye. Will Taylor dive into a paranormal world she knows nothing about? To be with the one her heart cana€™t live without? BOOK 2 - SEVENTH MARK by W. J. May Like most teenagers, Rouge is trying to figure out who she is and what she wants to be. With little knowledge about her past, she has questions but has never tried to find the answers. Everything changes when she befriends a strangely intoxicating family. Siblings Grace and Michael, appear to have secrets which seem connected to Rouge. Her hunch is confirmed when a horrible incident occurs at an outdoor party. Rouge may be the only one who can find the answer. An ancient journal, a Sioghra necklace and a special mark force life-altering decisions for a girl who grew up unprepared to fight for her life or others. All secrets have a cost and Rougea€™s determination to find the truth can only lead to troublea€bor something even more sinister. BOOK 3 a€“ KEEPER by Tiffany Evans As a Drea, Taylee Pierce, is a walking energy bonga€”or thata€™s how the gift stealing Rygons see her. Her ability to control minds in their hands could mean the destruction of the Kember and Drea race. Laced with speed, strength, and a physical ability, each Kember holds the key to not only defeat the Rygons, but to protect one Drea until death. But what happens when one whoa€™s born to protect, hunts instead? During a heated battle with a rogue Kember, Tayleea€™s forced to run and let her own Kembera€”the man who raised hera€”face him alone. With the announcement of her protectora€™s death, Tayleea€™s anger and obsession regarding the mysterious murderer take over. Shea€™s hell-bent on bringing her guardian justice, even if it means walking into the enemya€™s trap. BOOK 4 a€“ The COVETED Saga by C.M. Owens Her blood paints her a target, whereas his marks him the enemy, but together they could be the key to changing it alla€b Aria Weislen fought hard to stay in her rainforest home deep in the heart of South America, but she was forced to go back to the states to join the rest of her family. Grayford, Massachusetts is almost the polar opposite of her sweet jungle escape, but it does have one thing her old home never offereda€b Tallis Verdan. The sight of him leaves her unbalanced and almost incoherent. Stolen glances and accidental grazes leave her with a fever almost every time. But his mixed signals get her high one second before leaving her to plummet the very next. In a world full of secrets, looks can be deceiving. Even her own reflection has been hiding the truth of whata€™s to come. It doesna€™t take long to realize why Tallis sends her on such highs and lows. His blood, his ties, and his secrets rival hers. This is a free download. Download this free book while the deal lasts! 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Title:Dark Fate (4 Tales of Dark Fantasy & Paranormal Romance)
Author:W.J. May, C.M. Owens, Tiffany Evans, Chrissy Peebles
Publisher:Dark Shadows Publishing - 2014-04-29


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